Colourful pottery for sale at a Marché Potier in Auvillar near Château Plombis

Marché Potier, Auvillar

The village fêtes and fun night markets of the summer months might be over, but life still goes on in South West France.  Throughout autumn and winter there are events of interest to be found if you fancy an out-of-season … Read More

Castelsagrat en fête

Castelsagrat is a small, rural village, but ‘vivant’.  This could be translated as ‘lived-in’ – a place where normal, everyday life still goes on. Castelsagrat, unlike some French villages, is not just a pretty museum piece of holiday homes owned … Read More

If you like horses…

  If you like all things equestrian, you’ll love Castelsagrat in May. Every year the village plays host to horses and riders from across France, as well as from further afield, when they arrive to compete in a series of … Read More