“Enfin la Liberté..”

Time marches on.  Spring is turning to summer with the first cut of hay now rolled up into bales in the château meadows. We should have had weddings and guests at the château already this year. So what is the … Read More

Tourism in the time of Coronavirus

The swings at Château Plombis are waiting for this summer’s youngest guests… So what is the latest news from France? We’re now well into phase 1 of Déconfinement, or the beginning of the end of lockdown.  Things could seem almost … Read More

Countdown to Déconfinement, May 2020

This weekend, with today, Friday, a French holiday to celebrate the anniversary of VE day, or 8 mai 1945, could very well be our last weekend spent in confinement against the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus, at least for those of … Read More

Colourful pottery for sale at a Marché Potier in Auvillar near Château Plombis

Marché Potier, Auvillar

The village fêtes and fun night markets of the summer months might be over, but life still goes on in South West France.  Throughout autumn and winter there are events of interest to be found if you fancy an out-of-season … Read More